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Presentation matters

When it comes to selling, presentation is everything. All those beautiful visual images should be matched with clean & crisp copy. Showcase your content in any form, right on the homepage. Don't just sit there, add interactive features to all of them!

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Call-to-action button

Now all you need is a solid call-to-action button or two that instantly turns visitors into customers. There exists a vast array of call-to-action buttons. In order to use them effectively, you need to read the customer's intent. Use Wiloke Card and don't let button design interfere your writing.

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Showcase content

Standard text boxes and text columns can be intimidating for users and for you as an author or designer. You don't know how to create them in Photoshop, Illustrator or even Word? Here is the solution, Start using Wil Text Card today!

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Conversion rates

Your customers care about their website and products. Your content is there to serve them. But deciding on the right template is the hard part! We believe that all website visitors look at your content first and scrolling down won't hurt your conversion rates.

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Visitor engagement

Knowing how to design a satisfying user experience and those happiness indicators are often just not enough information. Increase the engagement of your visitors by adding this interactive template to enhance your landing page!

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Sales tool

Wil Text Card provides creative templates that are simple enough for anyone, yet sophisticated enough to create great user experiences. Wiloke Text Cards can turn every photo and content into a compelling sales tool. 

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Text card generator

The Wil Text Card team has worked in the past months to design creative and functional templates. This includes creating text boxes, carousels, buttons, and more. It is a super-handy tool for generating great-looking text cards in just a few seconds!

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Attract customers

The right structure of your text will make their content more engaging and attractive to your customers. Content is structured logically and beautifully so that all readers are kept engaged and excited about going further. Each content card is built on a base of strength and balance, making everything cohesive on a single page.


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Experienced team

The Wil Text Card team has dedicated their experience to designing creative and functional structure templates. With some simple customization, we can save you from all this frustration by allowing you to create custom text boxes.

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Various styles

As developers, we know that most UI elements are probably boring. The problem is that there are too many options out there demanding attention from users. Hierarchical content can be quite annoying too! The template includes creating text boxes, carousels, buttons, slideshow and more. Start using Wil Text Card today!

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Easy to customize

That's why we designed one of the most customizable and powerful content block builder templates you'll find! Just pick from a variety of styles & colors and let it do the rest! You can use any WordPress theme to customize them. We've built our plug-in for you so it's simple the first time.

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Top choice

Wil Text Card plug-in a top choice for companies that want to improve the readability and content structure of their websites. Wiloke Text Card is an award-winning plug-in that helps you to build amazing websites. Our team of writers use our highly-accurate and effective methods to build high quality content block for your products and services.

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Start soon

The perfect tool for those who want to create their own content structure in a few minutes. You can use the plug-in to generate a great text structure for your articles and landing pages easily. Get your website template ready in minutes. Your website needs to be as attractive as possible, so you can get started right away.

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Attractive templates

The plug-in provides you with a set of templates that provide a first-class presentation for your brand. Wiloke Text Card contains call-to-action button, motion effects and icons to drive more sales. Start using Wiloke Text Card right now!

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Unique text

You've got quotes from famous people and you want a unique looking text card that'll generate inquiries from your target audience. You want something that looks professional but not too business-like. Wil Text Card is a super-handy tool for generating great-looking text cards in just a few seconds!

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Right structure

The right structure of your content will make it more engaging and attractive to your customers so that they will be more likely to make purchase decisions while they are browsing through your site or apps. With Wil Text Card, creating text block becomes easy with the help of its drag & drop designer.

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Well versed designers

All of our designs are designed by professionally-trained designers who love WordPress and have spent years building online businesses using it. Our designers are experts at what they do, so you will be able to feel confident there will not be any errors or missteps when you use your new site designs!

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Simple to use

The plug-in is easy to use and simple, so you can start writing right away. There are no complicated settings or settings options needed. Wil Text Card fits into any web design workflow. It's fast to install and cheap to run.

Best plug-in

Wil Text Card is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating text-based pages, with rich content and animations. Wil Text Card is a web toolbar plugin that converts plain text into rich text. The end result is a comprehensive suite of tools that help you create professional looking, SEO optimized content quickly. 

Perfect choice

If you are looking for a tool to create well-arranged content structure, then Wil Text Card is the right choice for you. A plug-in to create content structure templates. The price is affordable. Promise to deliver quality content in short time.

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Diverse templates

This plug-in helps you create aesthetic content structure templates. It has a wide range of template such as text boxes, text columns, text carousels, rich text with images, and much more! Write anything with the right structure, it will be easy and you will not need any technical knowledge. Install Wiloke Text Card now!


Wil Text Card works well on any devices from desktops to mobile phones. It's super responsive! Install the plug-in, pick the right structure template and start writing! Each template is created with the utmost care to make sure all our customers leave satisfied with what they get.

Multi purpose

You can use the plug-in for any purpose - from your ecommerce site to your website for client development. Wiloke Text Card plug-in allows you to easily create marketing content with proper text structure. It is easy to use, extremely fast, and mobile-optimized for any screen size.

Well-crafted templates

Presentation is key when it comes to selling. All of those stunning visuals should be accompanied by clear, sharp content. Showcase your stuff on the homepage in any format. Don't just leave them alone; make them all interactive!

CTA buttons

All you need now is a good call-to-action button or two that converts visitors into clients right away. There are several call-to-action buttons available. You must read the customer's intent, tone, and the context in order to use them successfully. Use Wiloke Card and don't allow the design of the buttons to get in the way of your writing.

Proper content

Users and you, as an author or designer, may be intimidated by standard text boxes and text columns. Do you have no idea how to make them in Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Microsoft Word? Here's how to do it: start utilizing Wil Text Card right away!

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Catchy structure

You will never face writer's block again. Because Wil Text Card automatically generates catchy and creative text structures for all your needs. This powerful plug-in also offers elegant interface that makes text structuring  a breeze. There's no learning curve. All you need to do is install it, pick the right template, and start writing!

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Handy text structuring

Wil Text Card is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create text-based pages with rich information and animations. Wil Text Card is a plugin for the web toolbar that transforms plain text into rich text. The end result is a full toolkit that enables you to easily generate professional-looking, SEO-optimized content.

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Powerful plug-in

Wil Text Card is an easy-to-use plug-in that helps you generate a variety of content structures to drive more sales, with just a few clicks! It is the best solution for you if you need a tool to construct well-organized content structure. Create content structure templates with this plug-in. Promise to produce high-quality information in a timely manner.

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Information presentation

Your clients are concerned about the quality of your website and products. Your information exists to assist people. The difficult part is selecting the proper template! We think that all visitors to your website look at your content first, and that scrolling down won't damage your conversion rates. The price is pocket-friendly and suitable for any business types, even small ones.

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Attractive content

You can use the plug-in to generate a great text structure for your articles and landing pages with ease. It is super simple to use interface with no technical knowledge required. Plus, Wiloke Text Card plug-in offers CTA buttons, motion effects and icons to drive more sales.

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Create structure easily

You've gathered notable quotations and want to create a text card with a distinct design that will elicit questions from your target audience. You want something that appears professional yet isn't overly so. Wil Text Card is a fantastic application for quickly creating professional-looking text cards.

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Neat content structure

Your content will be more interesting and appealing to your consumers if it is structured properly, and they will be more likely to make purchases when exploring your site or applications. The drag-and-drop builder in Wil Text Card makes it simple to create text blocks.

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Use with ease

All of our designs are created by highly educated designers that are passionate about WordPress and have spent years using it to establish online companies. Our designers are specialists at what they do, so you can be certain that when you utilize your new site designs, there will be no mistakes or mishaps!

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Interesting features

The plug-in may be used for anything, from an eCommerce site to a client development website. The Wiloke Text Card plug-in makes it simple to develop marketing content that is well-structured. It's simple to use, lightning-quick, and mobile-friendly for any screen size.

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