Wiloke Image Editor

Wiloke Image Editor

Design images right on your WordPress site. Every website needs images, and so do you.
An image is worth a thousand words.

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Designing while writing

When you are writing content and want to add an image, open the image block, choose media library and simply open the add-on. Click & choose what you want into the template, tweak it till it’s perfect, and your design is done in minutes!

Different templates for different occasions

Do you want to promote your business with posters, banners, or flyers that are appealing? Our image-creating add-on will help you do so. We offer templates for various occasions: Sale events, product PR, invitations, certificates, logos, and much more!

Our Success Stories

Our team of dedicated members will make sure your designs truly impressive


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Some Genuine Words From My Clients

Wiloke Image Editor takes the hassle out of designing your own graphics and allows you to focus on other important tasks.

Lara Smith

When the add-on is integrated into website, all content writers can access, meaning that more than 1 user can design different templates at once.

Shirley Paul

 Your staff doesn’t need to be a pro to master the tool. They’ll have minimal work and effort to produce a beautiful design in minutes!

Rita Beck

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