Wiloke Product Sale Count Down

This amazing plug-in can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy. See sales surge and count down to success with Wiloke Timer!

____ Days Until Sale Ends!

Turns sale products into impulse buys

Triggers FOMO

Are you read to sell out? Customers can't help but feel FOMO and urgency to buy because every product has a countdown timer.

Select custom style

The countdown timer can be in any style that suits your website design. You can customize text, color, alignment, & typography.

No manually updating

You don't have to manually remove the countdown timer because it auto disappears once the sale is over. How smart it is!

Wiloke Sale Product Count Down

Build up the hype

Don’t let a sale go to waste, show customers how much time they have left! Get your website visitors excited about your sale with a real-time count down timer. Keeps them coming back, while reminding them of the end date.


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